Mufaro + Maya

Hello! Here today with some photos of my lovely friends Maya and Mufaro

I shared some photos of Maya a few months ago, which you can check out here. Beyond her gorgeous photographic work, Maya also founded and operates bistara, a freelance marketplace designed to empower the leaders of tomorrow's creative industry. Check out bistara if you're a college freelancer, if you're looking to hire creative talent for your company or project, or if you're just a human with an appreciation for beautiful things and cool people. 

Mufaro is an exceedingly talented songwriter, music healer and singer.  Her songs are beautiful, thoughtful and human. Listen to her on repeat here; her music makes me swoon. 

Nothing but rampant love, adoration and respect for both of these badass girls. We had a spontaneous shoot around the Fens at golden hour and despite my  complete inability to cope with winter cold, these two made it fun. Please- take some time, and get inspired by Mufaro and Maya's work. I've said it before, but empathic and creative work is more important than ever. Support the people and groups that produce beauty, and generate compassion. 

Finally, if you're interested in collaborating with me (or meeting any of the people featured here), contact me! I'm stateside for the next few months (give or take) before I move away (more or less) permanently, and would love to work together while I'm here. 


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