Costa Rica

Hello! Much to share from the last few months, including lots from Guatemala. By way of updates, I'm back in Boston through June, save for a couple of weeks in March when I'll be heading back to Guatemala for a couple of weeks.

In July, I'm moving to Melbourne, Australia for graduate school of Design at RMIT University. I'll be in Australia for at least the next two years, and likely won't be back stateside for any prolonged period of time afterwards, so do reach out if you're interested in photo sessions, collaborations or talking-in-real-life. I'd love to work with all of you wonderful people before I leave! To that end, I'm also on the lookout for jobs and connections in Australia if you know of anything.

In the meantime, though, I wanted to share a few photos from my visa run to Costa Rica in December. My friend Sarine came to visit, and we spent a week in Puerto Viejo along the Caribbean coast. We deliberately didn't do much beyond spending time on the beach while there, though we did spend an incredible afternoon at the Jaguar Rescue Center. They do exceptionally cognizant work at the center, with genuine respect for the animals and nature they seek to rehabilitate. It's certainly worth exploring if you have the means to donate, or if you're looking for volunteer opportunities in that realm. 

I'll be sharing more from Guatemala (and Boston) quite soon, and adding some design and video content to this site! In the meantime, though, contact me to make plans!  xx