Hi! I’ve got quite a bit to catch up since the Balkans. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, but I’m currently in Guatemala, where I’ll be based for the rest of the fall with a co-op with Mercado Global.  For more regular updates, you can follow me on Instagram and drop me a line on my contact page! In the meantime, however, I wanted to share some photos from the last bits of summer.

After a trying time in the Balkans and a much-needed change of plans, I headed to Germany to see some of my favorite people. I spent my first week or so in Frankfurt, with a quick trip to Ulm and to Stuttgart, where I got to see my incredible friend Carsten. We’d met in Rwanda, but last traveled together in Tanzania nearly a year ago, so it was amazing to catch up and explore Stuttgart, which is such a charming space. 

In Frankfurt, I stayed with my friend Anea’s family, to whom I owe the biggest possible thank you for not only hosting me, but for being so overwhelmingly warm and supportive. I can’t put into words the extent to which I appreciate their hospitality and kindness. Suffice to say, it was beyond lovely to reunite with (and to photograph) Anea, and to meet her siblings Ellen and Fynn.

After Frankfurt, I took the train to Berlin, where I spent my last two and a half weeks or so. I fell totally in love with Berlin. It’s such a wild, creative city, and I spent my time exploring its museums, cafes,  flea markets, and different neighborhoods, and shooting photos with my stunning friend Claire. 

More to come soon, including some shoots from Boston and Guatemala x