Jordan, Part II

To see the first portion of my photos from Jordan, and my trip through the south of the country, visit my last post here

Hi, everybody! The last month or so has led me from Jordan to the Balkans and to Germany (where I'm writing this post), and has also resulted in a fairly significant change of plans. After much thought and owing to a variety of details that don't warrant posting on here, I'll be spending the next few weeks in Germany before heading back to Boston for a bit, and then hopefully onto South America for a new position. There's been many ups and downs in the last few weeks in the Balkans, and after some re-evaluating and many a conversation later, I'm eager to move on to the next adventure. Nonetheless, trials and tribulations aside, it's been incredible to see so many new places and to meet so many incredible people throughout. I'll share photos from the Balkans later this weekend, but in the meantime I wanted to share the second half of my photos from Jordan. 

To say I fell in love with Jordan would be a massive understatement. Prior to traveling there, I hadn't yet explored the Middle East and I felt somewhat intimidated before going. I'd studied the country and its politics in courses, but I nonetheless felt like I had no conceptual framework for understanding what it would mean to physically travel to and work in Jordan.

My trepidation was baseless; the country blew me away immediately. Everybody I met was incredibly hospitable and kind, and despite it being Ramadan for the bulk of my time there, people were nonetheless eager to offer coffee, tea or Syrian sweets. Friends and taxi drivers alike invited me to iftars- the meal to break the day's fast during Ramadan. I was invited to rooftops in every city I traveled to to shoot photos of the sweeping, pale and angular architecture. I was devastated to leave, and especially to say goodbye to the many people I'd become close friends with in a matter of weeks.  I'm so lucky to have been given the opportunity to go to Jordan, and to have met the incredible people I did. I feel an overwhelming compulsion to go back and to explore the Middle East and greater depth as soon as I can. 

Above: roadside between Irbid and Amman with my friends Mohammad and Aya

I'll try to be light on the text for the rest of this post, as I've got quite a few photos to share. Keep an eye out on my blog and Instagram in the coming days for a photo series from the Balkans, and for news on my plans. 

Boston friends- I'll be back for a bit at the end of August and beginning of September! Contact me to book photo sessions, to order prints or to catch up! 

Below: golden hour in Amman

Below: Portraits and views from Zarqa

Below: sunset explorations in Amman

This last section of photos was shot during my final night in Amman, before boarding my flight to Sarajevo. I was shooting photos in the street with my friend, Andrew, a fellow photographer, when a local asked if we wanted to head upstairs to his rooftop to photograph the sunset. As per being chronically incapable of saying no to a rooftop, we headed up a narrow, winding staircase before emerging onto an unexpected and stunning rooftop aviary. The group of men living there owns more than 300 pigeons, all of whom they know by name and who are trained to return to the aviary at the end of the day. One of the men, pictured, makes individual ankle bracelets for each bird, and he gave me one before we left. We spent my last few hours in Jordan sipping coffee, chatting and watching the sunset while hundreds of birds flew around it. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever hand, regardless of place, and an exceptional way to leave Jordan.