Hello! I've got plenty of photos to share from my trip through the south of Jordan soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some images from my trip to California this May. I spent the month traveling nationwide with ArtLifting, photographing artists in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Chicago. ArtLifting is a Boston-based social enterprise that helps artists living with homelessness and disabilities to sell their artwork, and I've been incredibly lucky to work with the company for most of college. It was an immense privilege to meet and photograph so many incredibly talented artists, and I'll post some portraits here soon. Please visit to see and purchase art, and to learn more about our artists!

As for California, I fell absolutely in love with the entirety and cannot wait to be back on the West Coast. We started off in Los Angeles, and then spent my birthday driving up the coast through Big Sur before arriving in San Francisco and San Jose. I've always wanted to see Big Sur in person, and it's such an incredible and special place. 

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Los Angeles

San Francisco

Big Sur