Hello, hello. As per always, I've got quite a bit to share from the last few months, including photos from my trip to a Haitian bateye in the Dominican Republic and others from my trip around the country meeting artists with ArtLifting. I'll post separately for both of the former, but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos of the wonderful people I've been around as of late. I fly off to Amman, Jordan this week for a four-month research trip on the refugee crisis throughout the Middle East and Balkans, so keep an eye on my blog as well as my Instagram and Facebook for more regular updates! 

Questions, comments or general banter? Shoot me a message via my Contact page. I'd love to connect. 

Design Center experiments with the wonderful Tatiana. This girl is such a creative, lovely gem of a person and I'm so lucky to call her a close friend. Keep an eye on her feed since she'll be doing some incredible work in the coming months!

Jamaica Pond walks with my girl Anea. Truly one of the kindest and most positive ladies around. 

Photoshoots around the Fens with Katie, Annette, Travis, Dian, Sarah and Kristian. 

A day of wandering around the Seaport and Arboretum with Dian, Mesale, Rodas and Jemielee. I've absolutely loved getting to know all of them this year, and can't wait for more projects and explorations when I'm back stateside.