Mwanza // Humans

Mm, hi. I wanted to share a separate post with exclusively portraits from my time in Mwanza, Tanzania. For photos of the city and rock formations, check out my previous post. 

As aforementioned, the rocks are a popular place for locals to resolve conflict, converse or simply think. The setting is wildly conducive to all of the latter; the grandiosity of the rocks and expansiveness of the fields below tend to undermine whatever nonsense you’ve fixated on. The village is fairly isolated from the rest of Mwanza on the basis of its elevation, but this only underscores the wonder of the rocks.  As the sun began to set, more and more people began to arrive. 

This one boy in the red hat had such a penetrating gaze, and unique aesthetic between the bright hat and shoes and relatively neutral clothing. One group of children, pictured below, was relatively cautious at first but quickly warmed up once they realized how the camera worked. 

These final shots are of a group of siblings I spent the most time with. The little boy was the most jovial package of human, alternating between ridiculous facial expressions and toothy grins. The baby was impressively chill, despite being passed between adults and posed absurdly by her older sister. And the older sister herself was absolutely stunning. She had an incredibly calm and competent disposition, and showed a really lovely vulnerability and authenticity as we climbed the rocks, shooting photos.

As per always, the photos do the context infinitely more justice than I can with words. Zanzibar photos later this week!