Hello, hello! I've been in Tanzania and Zanzibar for the last two weeks with capricious, if existent, internet connection, hence the prolonged absence. Nonetheless, I'm back in Kigali with an exorbitant amount of stories and photos to share with you, as well as news on a new and exciting project to come this week. 

I'm still finishing up edits on my shots from Tanzania and Zanzibar, so in the meantime I wanted to share some words and images from a trip to Musanze a couple of weeks ago with my friends Emily and Willy. 

Emily was going gorilla tracking, and I, in my chronic compulsion to leave Kigali and explore the rest of the country, came with to spend the day in town.

Musanze is close to Gisenyi, and relatively close to the Congolese border. There are massive volcanoes outside of town, and even the soil itself has an apparently volcanic quality. Unlike Kigali and its outskirts, which have notoriously red earth, the soil around Musanze is a deeper brown and gray. The weather in this area of the country is cooler than in Kigali, especially in the mornings; things are cloaked in a thick fog and the air has a wet chill to it. My friends here mock my celebrations over the rain and cold mornings, but its the closest to New England weather I’ve encountered here in Rwanda. It’s fleeting at best – the fog had transformed into a dry heat by the afternoon- but there’s something gorgeous about the rolling hills, barely visible through the fog.

Our day began with a traditional Rwandan dance performance, and then Willy and I spent the afternoon driving around town while Emily tracked, stopping to play pickup soccer with the children in the village and to (unsurprisingly) shoot photos. The village in the immediate vicinity of the gorilla mountain is fairly small, so we ended up seeing and spending time with the same group of fantastic children all day. One little girl literally came bolting from the hills every time she spotted the car--mass quantities of hugging ensued.

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