Gisenyi, Part 2

For the first post on my weekend in Gisenyi, check here

First and foremost, thank you for bearing with me through the sporadic and belated posts. Wifi here has been capricious at best here for the last week! That being said, this is a follow up to my first post on my weekend in Gisenyi. The drive back towards Kigali is one of my favorites, replete with winding roads and, as per always, seemingly infinite rows of hills. Willy indulged my persistent requests to stop along the way. Many people walk along the main paved road connecting Kigali to Gisenyi, and they tend to stop at the sight of an awkward white girl with a camera. 

I always ask before I take somebody's photograph, and, as I'd mentioned in my post on portraiture, I'm forever intrigued by the way people choose to present themselves in front of my camera. Some people shift their expressions entirely for the photo, putting forth a deliberate face. And photos of groups are an entirely disparate photographic curiosity; they represent a dynamic, and show how people relate simultaneously to one another and also to me. The group of boys in the first few images, for example, were eager to adopt 'manly' postures out of sync with their playful expressions. The couple towards the end of the photo series was especially interesting; the woman was resistant to have her photo taken and eventually acquiesced after the insistence and [unreciprocated] cuddles of her husband.

Plus, aside from the people I met, we pulled over to find an amazing waterfall (!).

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