Starting out.

On my first full day here in Kigali, I woke up and began photographing the house I'm staying in. 

If I stand on the grassy lawn besides the house, and sort of crouch beneath a banana tree, there's a truly exceptional view of the rolling hillside below, decorated with brightly colored roofs and small houses jutting from the sloped landscape. 

Standing on the water tank behind the house yields an equally gorgeous view: reddish clay paths, lines of laundry, more rollings hills. I'd forgotten about my Nairobi-induced fascination with urban African architecture, but I turn around, while standing on the water tank, there's a precarious-looking building under construction.

The other interns and I rode moto bikes to Kigali City Tower, a shopping center, and then grabbed coffee at Bourbon, where we befriended a small troop of really excellent little kids. They were fascinated by my camera, and eagerly asked to see the photos. 

We also went with my work supervisor to pick up a bed for his brother, which entailed moving a disassembled bed from one truck to the next while loitering awkwardly in front of a roadside furniture shop (in which all of the furniture was in various states of assembly, and located outdoors). The views from the shop were incredible-- as per most of Kigali, it seems, the shop was perched atop the hillside and overlooking the ambling neighborhoods below. 


Finally, the other interns and I went to a mixed grill, ate fried bananas (which taste deceivingly like potatoes), drank Rwandan beer, and discussed the Serial podcast. Cheers. 

Ali CampbellComment