Stone Town, Zanzibar, Part 2

This is the second photo post from my trip to Stone Town, Zanzibar. For part one, click here

Our inn in Stone Town, Zanzibar was located down a side street, across from a massive fish market and nestled between ti2 wghtly-packed stone homes and buildings. The entirety of Stone Town is laden with stray cats, and the alleyway outside of our inn was packed with kittens eager to snag food scraps from the family living adjacent. The family cooked outside in the alleyway every morning, mixing massive bowls of flours and stewing meats from the early morning onwards. The top floor of our inn had a gorgeous view of the homes below. 

We decided to do a walking tour of Stone Town with the hopes of gleaning some local insight to the place. In retrospect, we likely would’ve abstained—the tour consisted mostly of standing in the heat and looking aggressively touristy sans learning much. Nonetheless, it was still an excuse to walk around the city and gave Carsten and I inspiration for our explorations later in the day. 

Stone Town is best characterized by its intricate windows and doors, and its winding alleyways of vendors and insane bicyclists navigating the hordes of people. It has such a unique energy, and stands in such stark contrast to the reduced notion of Zanzibar as a luxury resort island. After getting henna tattoos and walking around for a few hours, we concluded the night with wicked Swahili lessons, in exchange for English, from a local student and Rasta on the dock. It was everything, for lack of better adjectives.